" ...Sharing knowledge has become the most natural part of my existence..."

When I began playing the flute, teaching instantly became a part of my life. Ilona Kárász, my first flute teacher in Budapest, believed in motivating her students to help each other learn the things that they themselves had already mastered. I vividly remember explaining scales, breathing exercises and short songs to youngsters at the young age of 6 and 7. Thanks to Ilona’s methods, sharing my knowledge has become a natural part of my existence, a constant source of joy and a vital part of my career.

"...I find enormous joy in working with dedicated and talented young professionals and seeing them blossom..."

In 2010 I started my flute studio at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music and, following a highly successful masterclass, only a year later became staff member as an Associate Tutor in the senior school of the RNCM.

I find enormous joy in working with dedicated and talented young professionals and seeing them blossom. Several of my students have earned places in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, the Hallé Youth Orchestra and many more prestigious groups and have gone on to develop thriving professional careers.

"...Recent years have brought many opportunities to teach the students of a number of outstanding institutions, both internationally in masterclasses..."

Recent years have brought many opportunities to teach the students of a number of outstanding institutions, both internationally in masterclasses and as an Erasmus professor at the Grieg Academy of Music in Bergen and at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, the Bard College of New York, the Pôle d’Enseignement Supérieur de la Musique en Bourgogne in Dijon, the Conservatoire Dijon, the Busan Music and Arts Highschool South-Korea, the Béla Bartók Conservatoire in Budapest, the Weiner Conservatoire Budapest. I’ve also enjoyed working with students of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich, the Tbilisi Academy of Music, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, to name but a few, in courses led as parts of various music festivals, or summer academies. In the past, I was the docent of the Beigang International Music Festival in Taiwan and the Artesono International Orchestra Course in Switzerland, and also led popular workshops for Miyazawa Flutes in Germany. Now, I am very much looking forward to working with the flutists of the Junior Royal Academy of Music in London in February 2017 and with the students of the University of Victoria, Canada next Fall.

"...For me teaching is a very special collaboration with students..."

For me, teaching is a very special collaboration with students. It brings with it a chance to establish a joint laboratory and a safe environment for experimentation and various means of expression, in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of flute playing, identification of complex musical coherences and refinement of different styles of music. The kind of teamwork experienced through lessons results in the mutual growth of both student and teacher and has a long lasting effect on the careers of young professionals. This not only helps students reach their full potential and achieve their goals but also provides essential foundations and practical tools with which to face the challenges that may arise in their professional careers.

" ...All of my professors were true mentors..."

I am lucky to have had the chance to study with some of the greatest masters. All my professors (Frances Blaisdell, Petri Alanko, Henrik Prőhle, Zoltán Gyöngyössy, Barbara Gisler-Haase and András Adorján) were true mentors, each in their own unique way. The qualities which they all shared were significant: they always devoted themselves fully to whatever they did, they were passionate and meticulous down to the smallest detail, they were unbelievably energetic and most importantly, they were never afraid to express themselves. Learning from so many different flute schools also taught me the importance of flexibility and allowed me to master several “languages” of flute playing. I now feel that I have become a mixture of all of them!

" ...we work on all aspects of flute playing on our daily individual flute lessons..."



Every summer, I can be found in Bozsok, a breathtakingly picturesque village in Western-Hungary, close to the Austrian border. Flautists from all over the world visit the Bozsok Music Festival ( ) for a week or more, and our daily individual flute lessons work on all aspects of flute playing. Students are met with a wide range of performance opportunities amongst the amazing atmosphere of the surroundings and the spirit of the Bozsok Music Festival Family.

If you would like to consult with me or arrange online instruction, we can also easily find time and book a lesson through ‘Play with a Pro!’

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