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2016 A year of output

We are just at the start of the new year, so I thought to begin my blog by taking a little glimpse back into the past year.

2016 has been a true rollercoaster: it was a year completely full of output in my professional life, packed with exciting performances and other commitments, many of which were completely new challenges to me on multiple levels. The year was also marked by painful personal losses and distressing political happenings, so overall 2016 brought a continuously changing tumult of feelings.

I noticed that every year, once New Years approaches, I get the urge to make all sorts of lists and selections. I pick out a few family photos in an attempt to summarize the past year’s memorable personal happenings, and try to record professional achievements on paper to register them as short facts or numbers.

So here, I will share one of my lists with you, gathering my main professional achievements of 2016. This list is very special to me: everything on it is a milestone in my career, each for a different reason. Achieving these were especially hard for me, as they all required tedious and lengthy behind the scenes work, which was in many ways different to the usual practice routine that I am used to for my regular performances. I also needed to carve out extra time for completing these tasks on top of my mothering duties, my concerts and my standard teaching days.

And finally the promised list:

  • the launch of ’The Classical Flute and Guitar’ project’s website –

  • completing my first end of the year exam on the Doctoral course in Performance at the Royal Academy of Music: a lecture recital consisting of a performance of our new Haydn piano sonata transcription with Katalin Koltai and presentation of my research results with the ’Classical Flute and Guitar’ project

  • finalizing all preparations, including composing the text of the booklet for my new CD ’Glowing Sonorities’ which was released by Hungaroton in Hungary in November 2016 and in the UK on January 6th, 2017

  • transcribing and finalizing the score of Mozart’s magical d minor Fantasy for flute and guitar together with Katalin Koltai. The score is now available in stores or you can order it online here: (linkeld a shopba!)

  • creating dozens of new writings and preparing all other materials for this new website

After a few days of holiday, I am now back to my work routine as 2017 looks to hold a similarly wide range of exciting tasks! So stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wish all of you a healthy, trouble-free and exciting new year in 2017!


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