Over the course of my 25-year-old flute career I have tried all sorts of instruments, including the Shakuhachi (the Japanese bamboo flute), flutes made of glass, Chinese wooden flutes, Irish flutes, tin whistles…the list goes on! But for some reason in all these years, I had never tried my hand at any period instruments! I have always enjoyed playing baroque and classical compositions and have performed many of them with a modern, metal flute, collaborating with harpschichordists and other musicians involved with the practice of historical performance. I sought to do justice to the music by consciously using different sound colours, vibrato and articulation matching the style of each musical era. 

Surprisingly, I only became interested in getting to know period flutes extensively over the summer of 2016, in an attempt to understand in depth the repertoire I am currently working with as part of my doctoral project ’The Classical Flute and Guitar’ at the Royal Academy of Music.


I instantly felt very connected to the sound, the material itself and the sensitivity these instruments characterize. After a few weeks of practice, I decided to dedicate even more time to mastering the instrument, and developed a desire to become a professional player on period instruments in addition to the modern flute. Thus in September 2016, I started taking baroque flute classes with Lisa Beznosiuk at the Royal Academy of Music and Benedek Csalog in Budapest.


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