Transforming Traditions

I have arrived to an important moment of my career: my latest album, Transforming Traditions has been released. The recording captures never-before- heard qualities of the flute-guitar duo through new musical translations of works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven as well as an original composition of Giuliani. I have developed and recorded these innovative flute and guitar versions of canonic masterpieces together with guitarist and long-time duo partner Katalin Koltai.

Transforming Traditions was born of The Classical Flute and Guitar (CFG) Project, which was launched in 2015 and which developed into the core of my practice-based doctoral research at the Royal Academy of Music in London. I am soon completing my thesis, which examins the redefinition of the flute and guitar duo through the creation of challenging new repertoire.


Click on the below short video to learn more about the project and to hear some of the music!

Noemi Collection

As a classical musician, I spend my life sculpting and building from sounds, shaping and forming them through rhythm into expressive musical constructions. My perception of the world is strongly influenced by these experiences. I believe that objects also radiate rhythm, and that their overall form and craftsmanship shape a singular resonating voice. This voice, the overall sound that we experience as a result, matters to me deeply. It is the main inspiration behind the Noemi Collection, which I launched in the beginning of 2018. This latest project is a series of collaboratively crafted art objects created for flutists and non-musicians alike. Working with leading designers is tremendously elevating; the working process is a fusion of design and music, culminating in the creation of exceptionally unique objects.


To see my products and to learn more about the Noemi Collection, visit the brand-new website here!

Noemi Studio

Teaching has played a vital part in my professional life in the past decade, primarily as a faculty member of the Royal Northern College of Music, and also through various masterclasses at music academies and at the summer Bozsok Music Festival. I am regularly approached by conservatory students and young professionals for lesson opportunities outside of the institutional framework, and thus have begun conceptualizing my own ‘mobile flute laboratory’, a studio which can travel with me anywhere in the world, representing the principles of my teaching. At the end of 2017, a one day masterclass in Budapest marked the launch of the Noemi Studio, the prototype of such a mobile lab. The goal is to make this an international pop-up initiative, welcoming interested applicants drawn to experiment with various means of expression, seeking in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of flute playing, as well as the identification of complex musical coherences in a personalized and safe environment.  


Please follow my Facebook page for up to date information on any upcoming events of the Noemi Studio.

Glowing Sonorities around the world

Being an artist comes with a great deal of self-examination. It is impossible to escape questions like, ‘Is there a reason to make new CD recordings of classical music in the 21st century?’, ‘Aren’t there enough great ones out there already?’. Prior to, and during the recording of Glowing Sonorities, through the experience of working with the sonatas of Schubert, Reinecke and Franck I felt an extremely strong urge to record the deep emotions evoked in me by these exceptional works in my own voice. I could only hope that the artistic values generated in me through this work would reach the audience through these recordings, and dared to only dream about what has come true in this past year. Glowing Sonorities sold out so quickly, it needed to be reprinted three times, collecting rave reviews from all corners of the world. Through the five CD launch concerts, I have travelled 19136 kilometres with the music, and am forever grateful for the enthusiasm of its listeners, which I I had the opportunity of receiving first hand on these occasions.


Browse the reviews of Glowing Sonorities here, or download your own copy online here.

The Classical Flute and Guitar Collection editions are out!

Fresh and unique flute and guitar scores of Mozart’s d minor Fantasy, Haydn’s Hob. XVI:37 D major and Hob. XVI:30 A major Sonatas are already available to order online and buy in stores. These publications strive to translate the profound music of these masters from the keyboard to the sensitive and colourful language of the flute and guitar duo, and play a vital role in my doctorate that I am working on at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The next edition, one of Beethoven’s most well-known sonatas, is also on its way, and is soon to be revealed! The series of the classical Flute and Guitar Collection, co-authored with guitarist Katalin Koltai, allows ensembles to programme and to share through their performances, a wide palette of masterworks from the Viennese classical repertoire.

Check out how a Haydn Sonata sounds on flute and guitar here!

My new CD, ’Glowing Sonorities’ is finally released!

After many months of preparation my new CD, ’Glowing Sonorities’ with pianist Katalin Csillagh has finally come out! The disc, which was released by Hungaroton, is a tribute to the soul of Romantic music, a journey of discovery revealing the diverse palette of emotions that resonate in the three sonatas by Franz Schubert, Carl Reinecke and César Franck. The idea of recording these pieces has intrigued us for many years, so I am particularly excited to finally share this heart-warming music with you! I would be thrilled to hear how you like the new disc, so feel free to drop me a line, once you have listened to it! I will keep you posted about all upcoming reviews!

TED talk on TEDxDanubia

May 03, 2017

 Mark the 4th of May in your diaries, I am giving a TED talk! It is on the next TedxDanubia conference, held in the magnificent Palace of Arts in Budapest. It will be a presentation, where I talk about really personal happenings in my career, which I haven’t shared openly so far. So I am almost sure it is going to be a very complex journey of preparation, which has already started now! I will share snapshots about the preparation on my Facebook page in the coming months.


The Classical Flute and Guitar Collection

Just now in January, Doblinger Music Publishing Austria is starting to release our new ’Classical flute and guitar collection’; this is a series of four transcriptions by Katalin Koltai guitarist and myself.  Our collection aims to widen the flute and guitar repertoire with true chamber music treasures, adding first time translations of keyboard works by Viennese classical composers to the currently available works for the instrumental duo.


Our first piece, the magnificent d minor Fantasy by Mozart is already flying off the shelves! The d minor Fantasy is undoubtedly one of Mozart’s most beloved pieces - it’s a true musical jewel that encompasses a wide range of emotions and dramatic variety. It closely resonates with the stylistic traditions of the original compositions for the flute and guitar duo of the early 19th century, and therefore sounds very natural and legitimate on these two instruments. 

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