As an independent artist and pedagogue I like creating long lasting musical projects and exploring the in-depth artistic ideas behind them. I believe this is the path that leads to true expertise – both in a performance or in a pedagogical context. However, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of my art and to establish research methods for artistic questions linked to my performance activities, I decided to find a corresponding doctoral course at a leading institution.

I am thrilled to be the first flutist in the history of the doctoral school of the Royal Academy of Music in London, where I am now working on ’The Classical Flute and Guitar Project’ together with guitarist Katalin Koltai and a wonderful team of consultant professors: Briony Cox-Williams, Neil Heyde, Timothy Jones, Sarah Callis and Daniel-Ben Pienaar.

The Classical Flute and Guitar Project aims to redefine the flute and guitar duo as a genre by creating original transcriptions of Viennese classical keyboard works for their formation and presenting those in recitals, alongside original compositions from the time. Through our concerts and transcriptions we aspire to introduce the flute and guitar formation with originality, fresh perspective, and the finest musical versatility, in the context of complex musical textures primarily associated with keyboard or string instruments.



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