Something personal about me

What sort of passions and interests do I entertain beyond music?

Let me first start with a few things that I really love:

Foreign languages and cultures fascinate me: I speak four languages in addition to my mother tongue and have lived in seven different countries so far. It goes without saying that I am most fluent in Hungarian, but I also speak English, German, Japanese and French to a sophisticated degree. I enjoy learning languages as I feel it brings me closer to the diverse cultures they represent and helps me remain sensitive to the subtle particularities present in how we articulate ourselves.

I am crazy about scarves. I have a huge collection that grows exponentially, as I cannot resist buying a new one on each of my travels.

If you ask me about drinks, I say Margaritas!

As everyone knows, flying around the globe can be a real hassle in itself and is quite demanding. This generally challenging task has become a whole lot trickier ever since I became a mother. My usual scenario is a huge suitcase, large backpack with scores and instruments, now accompanied by a stroller, smaller sized backpack, snacks and…well that’s just the baggage. I feel very lucky that I enjoy my profession so much that rather than giving up, I have learned over the years that everything can be solved – it’s only a matter of perspective. And at the end of the day, it’s all worth it for the magic of music! 

And at last, a peculiar speciality: extreme travelling!

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