Connection. Expression. Sensitivity.



The Soloist

As a solo artist, I highlight the flute’s wittiness, virtuosity, sensitivity and drive in the most colourful way possible.

The Chamber Musician

To me, chamber music is all about connection. It is a very personal and fascinating way to make music, with each player shaping their own strand in a lively conversation.


The Orchestral Flutist

Orchestral playing to me is about flexibility, resonance, and discovering the capacity and joy of creating a unified interpretation.

The Teacher

Sharing knowledge is vital to my art, which is built upon interaction, exploration, refining expression and pushing music's boundaries.

"…stylistically idiomatic, devoted, gripping, accurate and masterful performance…"

Zoltán Kocsis about Noemi Gyori



Driven by a curiosity to find the most colourful and personal methods of musical communication, my own career as a musician has been defined by continuous experimentation. The desire to stretch the borders of my flute and myself have become a way of life for me, comprising an attitude that keeps me growing and fills me with energy day after day.

Here I have gathered interesting facts and information on my current noteworthy activities.


I can clearly remember the thrill I felt when I picked up a flute for the very first time. I instantly knew that the notes coming from that instrument were going to narrate my life.

Of all the instruments in the world, the sound of the flute is closest to the human voice; with its sensitivity and velvety sound, it sings to us in a language that reaches far beyond words.


A live experience


Technology enables us to stay connected on many different platforms and I am thrilled to share my music and thoughts with you through these wonderful and crucial channels. At the same time, I believe that nothing can substitute live experiences, which make up such a fundamental part of our human existence. Below you’ll find a list of my upcoming events, so that you can always stay in the know about what I am up to next. I hope to see you soon at one of these exciting occasions!




"…especially refined and concentrated, attentive musicality, resulting in true chamber music playing."

Revizor about Noemi Gyori




This is a more traditional, comprehensive biography about my work, including details on awards, studies, the flute and much more!



Have some music with your morning coffee. Pepper your lunch with notes. Watch an opera on a Saturday.



I would be glad to hear from you! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

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